Cancellation & Refund


From the date of booking, you have two calendar days to cancel and get a refund.

When making a reservation, you must have your Token Invoice Number with you, as generated by


    After reviewing your cancellation order, we will let you know in 7 days that your reservation has been canceled and verified.

    If your cancellation is accepted, we will begin the process of charging your credit card (or other original mode of payment) a refund. You will be notified via the email address you supplied at the time of booking as to the status of your refund. Once your cancellation has been validated, you will get the entire credit within 30 business days.

    For processing the refund, the original credit/debit card, the original receipt, and the required identity documentation must all be submitted.

    If one or both of the following circumstances apply to your reservation, you will not be permitted to cancel it:

    Cancellation after 48 hours of reservation failure to provide the original invoice, debit/credit card, or other purchase verification. 

    Who do I speak with if there are issues with my reservation, if I need to change it, or if I want to cancel it?

    Our email address is


The sole arbitrator chosen by Big Boy Toyz Pvt Ltd will decide on any disputes involving the cancellation and refund policy, and only Delhi will serve as the arbitrator's territorial jurisdiction.