Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

The website respects the privacy of users and advertisers by operating in compliance with data protection laws. We maintain the highest care for the Personal Data and any sensitive information we collect.

The personnel who run the website fully abide by the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions to protect your data.

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that the Offeror User with whom you are talking via the website normally publishes the information. The website's owner is not accountable for the information or how the advertisement poster presents it. The Offeror Users in this case take on the role of data controllers. The corporation has no control over or liability for any use that may be made of such information.

Information The Website Gathers

  • Particularly after finishing the ad posting or profile creation, Offeror Users' information is kept secure when publishing their adverts or profiles on the website.
  • While they visit the website and communicate with an Offeror User, the data of the Recipient Users is also protected.
  • When an Offeror User wants to post an ad or set up a profile on the website, their email address is securely stored on our servers.
  • On the other hand, the corporate servers also protect the email addresses of the Recipient Users as they browse the website and get in touch with the Offeror Users.
  • Other information that the website gathers is kept to a minimum because Offeror Users voluntarily provide it when posting an advertisement or creating a profile. They have the option of skipping the information submission procedure as well.
The advertiser's or profile creator's information is only used when

  • The website's purpose or activity is legal; or
  • For a pressing reason, it is deemed important to retain sensitive personal information.
During the data collection, the contract between the website and the ad poster will be regarded as a legal document and will be applied in situations involving voluntary information provided by the Offeror User. They will have complete discretion over how to customize that information. The consent will serve as a legal basis for data collection, access, and processing in the event of Recipient Users. The legitimate method will also respect the subjects' freedom and rights to deal with compliance, fraud prevention, and company administration.

Data collection procedure

Log Files

Every time a user accesses the website, the servers in the background collect a little amount of data to track visitors, administer the site, evaluate trends, and gather broad demographic data. The Log Files don't include any attachments that might be used to identify any users or poster of ads. You will therefore be monitored during your session but kept anonymous unless you give us permission. Also not exported to any other websites or servers are the Log Files.


The Cookies follow users by recording a few specifics when they visit a website. These files enable the website to continue tracking and identifying returning visitors. Cookies are tiny files that can even recognize new website visitors. Cookies assist servers in storing user preferences and using feedback to build and enhance services.

Session & Persistent Cookies

The session cookies are removed immediately when a browser is closed. The persistent cookies, on the other hand, are stored on the hard drive until they are manually removed. Sometimes they even have a time limit attached to them. Persistent cookies are used to assess server performance for the website or a trusted partner while a user is logged into their account. First-party and third-party cookies often come in session or persistent varieties.

First Party Cookies

The first-party cookies are distributed by website servers to users' computers in order to monitor website functioning, track visitor activity over time, identify repeat visitors, and assess particular site offerings. The PHPSESSID Session Cookie, Last_Vhost, the last city you visited, adult_cookie (over age permission), logged_cookie (used when you log in), and privacy_cookie are all first-party cookies on

Web Beacons

The "clear gif" and "pixel tags," also referred to as web beacons, are transparent graphic images that work with cookies to further personalize the website for frequent visitors. The web beacons also collect a little amount of visitor data. The website company uses the beacon in email exchanges to understand a client's activity. However, there is no information associated with a web beacon that would allow the owners of the website to determine a user's genuine identify.

Third-Party Cookies

To gather any information about an advertiser or user, the website exclusively uses cookies from third-party statistic providers. Cookies are used to capture the data, and the beacon is anonymous. It implies that nobody can pinpoint your identity. For third-party cookies, carefully uses the knowledge of Google Analytics and Hotjar.

Cookie Choices You Can Make

Every time someone visits the website, they are prompted to accept cookies and other technologies. Selecting "accept" or "reject" cookies will allow users to choose not to use the cookies. Even adjusting the browser's settings will accomplish this. Nevertheless, cookies are essential to the website's smooth operation. The website might not work properly if all of the cookies are being rejected by your browser. Sometimes, when a small number of users refuse to accept the cookies, the functionality is lost, and is then their fault. You can select the "help" menu from the toolbar of your browser if you run into similar problems. For additional information, go to It should be remembered that every system has its own cookie.

Further Details That Are Collected

Emails & Telephone Calls

The email address of the signee is saved when they register as an Offeror User on the website. But no one ever expresses concern over the phone calls.

Additional Mobile Device Terms

For mobile devices: The website collects device information such as the mobile device ID, model, manufacturer, operating system, and IP address when a visitor accesses it via a mobile device or installs any of the applications. No one ever requests that site visitors access geolocation information. This implies that when you use or download our applications or services, your geographic position as determined by mobile devices won't be recorded.

Disclosure Of User Information To Third Parties

Disclosure By Law

The user acknowledges and agrees that the website administrators may release personal information if required to do so by law. Users' information will be given to the government parties in the following situations: for offense detection, prosecution, and punishment, as well as for prevention, detection, and investigation of cyber events. They may even be used in accordance with some current legislation. However, if any info is disclosed to a third party it will not be punished.

Transfer Of Information

The administrators of the website reserve the right to disclose any and all sensitive personal information, including the user's location, to a third party. The user's permission is also considered to be the best option.

Withdrawal of Consent to Provide Information One can easily choose to share their data or information in accordance with the Privacy Policy and their consent. Additionally, all users have the freedom to revoke their consent whenever they choose. They only need to email to the website's administrators to request this. When someone completes the aforementioned task, the website will have the choice of offering the consumer products or services or not.

Information Rectification If any personal information, sensitive personal data, or other information provided by the user is found to be incorrect or incomplete, it may be reviewed, changed, or amended. Sending an email to will do this.

Redressal Of Grievances

By sending an email to, a grievance regarding the Data Rules will be handled by an officer. Within one calendar month after the day the grievance was submitted, the grievance officer will react if there is a grievance-related issue.

Disclosure To Protect Abuse Victims

The website's Terms and Conditions do not forbid anything, but they do reserve all of their legal rights and are not obligated to reveal any information that users provide to the site. However, it may be suspicious of or have reasons to be suspicious of information regarding parties who may be abuse victims in any capacity. Abuse typically involves unrestricted trafficking and/or coercion. Under the sole discretion, it may be judged appropriate to release the information to the relevant authorities. Numerous law enforcement agencies, child welfare organizations, judicial officials, etc. are only a few of the entities responsible for protecting personal information.

Information Transferred As A Result Of The Sale Of Business

Businesses grow as a result of asset sales, purchases, and trades. The transferred assets include personally identifiable information, or PII, which is the subject of the transaction. The PII of the users is transferred to the acquiring party when the website is purchased by another business. Users are occasionally alerted in advance if there are any significant changes to how PII is gathered or utilized when they encounter the same issues.

Overseas Transfer Of Information

Geographically speaking, the website's servers are situated in the European Union. Therefore, the company's native network and servers are used to process all information, including the PII of the users. This means that if a user uses the website's privacy policies or otherwise indicates their approval, their information may be transferred to another country. Additionally, the PII and other information are taken abroad. Even more, the business reserves the right to send the PII data back abroad. But the business makes every effort to ensure that foreign receivers never keep, use, or disclose the PII in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. The privacy policies enable secure information sharing with third parties by the website.

Age Restrictions

In accordance with the Terms of Use, it is an adult service website.


The website's creators take numerous precautions to guard against the loss, misuse, and manipulation of the data that is kept in the organization's databases. Every time someone uses their credit card for a purchase and for administrative access to the data site, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and/or high encryption (3DES) technology is used. Additionally, the transfer of user information is protected by a number of exclusive security mechanisms. A reasonable standard of care is required, to ensure safe data transfer between the user's computer and the company's servers. One should be aware that no information on the internet can be guaranteed to be secure. Officials at the company are unable to guarantee or warrant the security of any information sent to them over the Internet.

Link To/ Access From Other Sites

There are no other links, products, or services offered by third parties that take precedence over this website's privacy statement. There is no connection between the business and any third-party links, goods, or services. Before sending any data or information to a third party, one should exercise caution and carefully read and study the privacy policies or statements of that party. This is due to the possibility that when using the website, one may obtain numerous links to other websites, material, goods, or services. The business disclaims any responsibility for the privacy policies, the content of external websites that connect to this one, or any third-party advertisers, including Offeror Users.

Data Retention

The user's or advertiser's sensitive information is only kept for as long as it is required for a particular task that complies with the law as it is currently in effect.

Access To Information

As permitted by the Data Protection Legislation, you have the right to access the information that is kept on you. As long as you abide by the law, you can exercise your right of access. Every request will receive a response from the officials within 30 days. Use the contact information.

Contacting The Website

Write to if you have any questions regarding the site's privacy policies, practices, or other aspects of using the site.

Dispute Resolution

By agreeing to the privacy policy, the user or ad poster accepts that the only country in which any claim, cause of action, or dispute they may have against the website firm that may result from or be related to any access or uses and arise shall be the United Kingdom. If the user wishes to pursue legal action, they must consent to the personal jurisdiction of these courts. These conditions and claims shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law.

Revision Of Privacy Policy

Any modifications to the Privacy Policy will be announced on this page. Using any part of the website after the modification signifies acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy. They will also receive an email with information about the privacy policies.